Vårt bokningssystem är på engelska, men det går fint att skriva på svenska i meddelandefältet.


Week 22 Hvar, Croatia

Date 28 May - 4 Jun, 2022.
Payment 5 000 SEK is due by 13 Jun, 2023.
Remaining amount is due by 29 Mar, 2022.
Price 14 995 SEK
Included Flight, transfer, accommodation, breakfast (do-it-yourself), lunch, dinner, fitnessbar & training
Accommodation Standard accomodation


Flight (Sthlm, Kph, Oslo & Gbg) included with discount code.
When choosing "only transfer" you have to arrive before 10.00 on arrival day and departure after 12.00 on departure day.

Our apartments consist of two double bedrooms, one kitchen and one bathroom.
You are guaranteed a private double bedroom when you are 2 persons booking together (you will share bathroom & kitchen with 2-3 other guests).
If you book alone you are guaranteed a single bed in a shared bedroom.

For any other requirements, please comment below.

Det går fint att skriva på svenska.
Please let us know if you want to share room with any specific person or have anything else you want to tell us.

Lost Villa is a unique destination far away from the civilization and next to the Adriatic Sea.

The closest supermarket, restaurant and bar are almost 1 hour away by car.

The accommodation is simple, but the location is amazing!

Everything is powered by the sun, which means we don't have unlimited electricity. You can't bring your hairdryer, but we have enough electricity to charge your phone or computer (as long as it doesn't rain for many days).

Water is brought to us by the fire department and stored in big tanks. The pressure in the shower is weak and the amount of hot water is limited.

It is important that you know everything above, but don't be scared, this truly is paradise!

By proceeding with the booking you accept our terms and conditions (bokningsvillkor).